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let’s bring this back y’all

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Before I begin can we all take a moment to just appreciate the effort I put into this edit like??? I’m actually quite satisfied.

Alright let’s start now this will be slightly emotional because this is my final post on this blog. I know y’all are going to miss me but don’t cry too much!! Jk jk.

Tumblr is fun and all but it’s simultaneously exhausting. I waste a lot of my time on this damn website and procrastinate/push away other important things such as my social life, studies and even health. Thus, since my final year of school’s coming up, I’ve decided that I need to take my education more seriously. Not only that, but I feel like tumblr has made me forget where my priorities should lie.

I’ve made so many friends on here, seriously dudes hmu so we can keep talking. Thank you for the super duper fun blogging experience (ha) I’ve had!! I’m going to miss you guys and this blog a lot bc I’ve had it for over a year. Now it’s kind of like my baby, so I’m just going to leave it here instead of deleting it, because I’ve made loads of good memories and deleting it is kinda like erasing those memories as well.

aNYways, moving on.

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i like when boys are zayn

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Title: Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart
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My personal favorite. :)

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Harry with little Cameron  | Nashville 19.08

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Pennsylvania, USA [13.08.]

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are u ever mean as fuck in ur head and u aint wanna be and u’d never say it out loud but that one voice in ur head is a total asshole and u feel bad for even thinking it and u wonder if thats how u rly are

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